About Dine Around LA

My name is Mary Ann Borders and I am the President of Dine Around LA.

As the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles attracts more than 50 million visitors each year.

Think about it. 

That means that concierges at L.A.’s more than 1,000 hotels and resorts are making literally thousands of restaurant reservations for guests each and every day. 

Are they recommending your restaurant?

And…What about corporate concierges at major office buildings and the thousands of local business executives they serve?

Tapping the concierge audience has never been easier, because “Dine Around L.A.” is your concierge connection!

With more than 10 years of success and an unparalleled network of contacts, we can help you build long term, financially rewarding relationships with this influential audience.

“Dine Around L.A.” is a cost-effective and fun way to gain access to this truly untapped market with truly untapped potential.


Join other notable restauranteurs who are effectively reaching
concierge customers through “Dine Around L.A.”

For a free consultation, email [email protected].

Or call 310-941-0840


“Greetings, I wanted to take a few moments to recognize an amazing service that was recently used at Manhattan Village, Dine Around LA ran by MaryAnn Borders. We hosted our first Dine Around event early 2023 and found the entire process from start to finish easy to manage. MaryAnn and her team were very detailed on expectations and deliverables. They were hands-on speaking to our tenants with little assistance from the Mall Management team. They took on the responsibility of marketing the event, inviting key players, having goodies to pass out to everyone at the end of the night and managing the entire day of event without incident. We were thrilled with the results and the efforts made by MaryAnn and her company. Often when using a vendor for the first time there are bugs to work out and with Dine Around LA we had zero issues. If you are looking to reach the concierge world and need someone to assist in putting together a first-class event we highly recommend Dine Around LA run by MaryAnn Borders.”

Any questions please feel free to reach out directly at [email protected]

– Sher Willis
Senior Marketing Manager
Manhattan Village