With the ever evolving culinary talent in Los Angeles, it is virtually impossible for concierge and hotel referral staff to stay up to date with the restaurant scene. “Dine Around L.A.” is a time and cost effective, easy and fun way for Restaurateurs and Concierges to stay connected and nurture ongoing mutually beneficial relationships.

How Dine Arounds work…six participating restaurants showcase their best offerings and libations for 20 minutes on a designated Tuesday evening to a group of approximately 35 concierges. They are then able to make recommendations to their hotel guests and staff based upon their positive personal restaurant experiences.

During the past many years, I have created successful “Dine Arounds” and have built a loyal following of 200+ area concierges. They look forward to “Dine Around” invitations.  Their positive experiences have translated to increased business at participating restaurants.


Attract new customers

Drive measurable increase in traffic from hotels

Create ongoing Concierge partnerships

Past experiences have shown “Dine Arounds” have increased hotel concierge inspired referrals by more than 50%. Dine Around L.A. is supported and endorsed by the Los Angeles Concierge Association, as well as all past participating restaurant owners.